What To Do If You Think You’ve Encountered A Lotto Scammer.

If you’re trying to enjoy playing the lottery online the chances are good that at one time or another you will encounter a lotto scammer. But don’t panic, just follow the below instructions and you can stay safe and avoid being scammed.

DELETE the email or block the number.

DO NOT attempt to contact the person sending you the emails.

DO NOT send any money the scammers are requesting in order to release your winnings.

If you have already provided personal information then contact your banking institutions IMMEDIATELY to reverse or pause any transactions.

DO NOT open any suspicious looking links in emails from people that you are not affiliated with.

REPORT the scammer to the necessary authorities such as the lottery authority or banking institutions.

Enjoy playing the lottery online and never worry about falling prey to a lotto scam by only using established online lotto providers such as the one you will find below.

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